Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I truly love collecting antique items and creating beautiful assemblage jewelry with them. I can't think of a better hobby. You can find my creations at my Etsy Shop, Metal Corset.

Flaming Sacred Heart Ex Voto Reliquary and Antique Sterling Silver Filigree Rosary Necklace
Ave Maria Earrings

What Child Is This (Antique Sterling Silver Filigree Cross with Art Deco Paste Locket and Victorian Book Chain)


Crowned Ave Maria Necklace

So pretty is Ave Maria from an antique lace holy card behind mica. She is framed by a vintage musi Victorian revival shoe buckle. Ave Maria is adorned with a large antique rhinestone crown with an antique Art Deco paste dangle. All this hangs delicately from a 20.5" vintage Victorian revival book chain.


I found the most amazing 19th century flaming heart ex voto reliquary. It is silver gilt and has a cross and "M" for Mary. It now lives in my Etsy shop Metal Corset II. It comes all the way from the Netherlands, however, I believe it originated in France. These reliquaries are very rare and highly collectible. I'm almost considering keeping it for my own collection. I love it!