Saturday, November 22, 2014


Coming soon to Metal Corset II-Sterling silver wax seal jewelry created with this spectacular Georgian Ormolu hardstone intaglio wax seal wheel (ormolu is defined as a gold-colored alloy of copper, zinc, and sometimes tin, cast into desired shapes and often gilded, used especially in the 18th century for decorating furniture and making ornaments).

The six engraved wax seal intaglios depict the following:

~Skull with the Latin motto, ""Es Fui Sum Eris," translated to, "I am, you will be." 

~Winged cherub holding an anchor representing Hope with the motto, "The Best Gift of Love."

~Compass with French motto, "Agitée Mais Constante," translated to, "Agitated, but constant."

~A hand holding a beer stein with the Scottish motto, "For Auld Lang Syne" translated to, "Days gone by.

~A violin with either the numbers 66 or 99.

~Sun rising over mountains with French motto, "Je Reviendrai," translated to, "I will return."

See listing below, "Sterling Silver Wax Seal Jewelry," to view a few items created with this amazing Georgian wax seal wheel.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Listed to Metal Corset II are these spectacular sterling silver rings and pendants each individually hand stamped using antique wax seals with mottos in French, Latin or English.  With this pioneering ring design,  it's like owning four rings in one.