Sunday, June 28, 2015

DESIRE III-Assemblage Chatelaine Belt

Desire III is my latest assemblage creation and also my first attempt in creating an assemblage belt.

I've tried to emulate a Victorian Chatelaine belt which women from that era used to suspend their utilitarian possessions, ie., scissors, pin cushions, match safe vestas, etc.

This chatelaine belt comprises of several antique textural silver tone chains long enough to fit the waist of a size 14.5 dress form. Three very collectible antique items are suspended from this belt:

1) Victorian or Art Deco rhinestone chatelaine purse with original chain

2) Large 8" French 1800s brass ex voto Sacred Flaming Heart flacon (A flacon is a vessel used to hold holy water. The top flame portion of this ex voto unscrews off allowing you to place a message of devotion inside if so desired.)

3) 1800s French brass Notre Dame meerschaum reliquary depicting The Madonna and Christ Child.

The chain belt measures approximately 32" in length and is adjustable.

Check it out at Metal Corset.


Desire II is my latest assemblage creation featuring nine different Victorian jewelry components including the following:

Victorian vulcanite half locket with a dried flower pressed beneath glass, Victorian gutta percha full locket depicting a maiden wearing a crown of grapes and leaves, Victorian brass chatelaine hand, Victorian gold plated full locket with seed pearls and opals, Victorian bog oak depicting castle ruin, Victorian half locket with braided hair memorial under glass, Victorian enamel and hair memorial under glass, Victorian carved ivory depicting loves birds and a Victorian rhinestone half locket depicting a woman's face and flower surround.

These items are suspended from vintage chains. The necklace closes with an antique bone ring and brass Shepard's hook.

Definitely one of a kind and certainly a statement piece!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I'm so in love with this piece!  It's an antique hand carved meerschaum pipe depicting two clasping hands.  What an amazing and unique piece to add to an assemblage necklace creation.  Keep a weather eye for its debut.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Soon to be listed to Metal Corset II is this amazing Victorian wax seal wheel.  It's missing one prong/seal, but the other 6 are intact and depict the following:

-Male profile cameo-like bust.

-Flower and the motto:  Forget Me Not.

-Heart in hand with the motto:  Love Truth.

-Hourglass or tempus fugit (Latin for Time Flees) with the motto:  Time Is Short.

-Masted ship with the motto:  Such Is Life.

-Tobacco tamper.

So, keep a weather eye on Metal Corset II for its debut.