Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Antique Sterling Silver Flaming Heart Reliquary Ex Voto

From France, an AUTHENTIC, 1800s, sterling silver, fully hallmarked, antique Flaming Sacred Heart reliquary ex voto. 

These solid sterling silver ex votos are becoming harder and harder to find.

Beautifully engraved with an "M" for Maria, Marion, Mary or Marie and cross with foliage fronds.

Hinged to open allowing you to place a message of devotion inside.

Ex voto reliquaries often held a message of devotion or prayer inside and were pinned to a Saint in a house of worship.

Hallmarked:  Depose (French for Patented) and a Boar's head (late 1800s).

Measures approximately 2" x 1.19".

Monday, July 16, 2012

Antique Pewter Reproductions

I've recently embarked on having some rare antique items reproduced in pewter to sell in Metal Corset II.

These pieces were reproduced from some of my prized possessions which took years to find, so I had them cast in pewter to bring to you. Pewter is a metal less expensive than sterling silver but beautifully mimics it. Pewter is also easily drilled.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Cross To Bear

I found this amazing Art Deco pot metal and paste rhinestone shoe buckle with a hidden design of a cross and created this spectacular religious assemblage/altered art bracelet named, "My Cross To Bear".

It features carved pre-ban ivory Pikake flowers which are further accentuated with delicate silver filigree bead caps and creamy ivory baroque pearls (unsure if they are faux or real but I believe they may be vintage Czech Glass).

An additional length of silver plated rolo chain has been added to fit any sized wrist. For the ease of application (or putting on), I've added an Art Deco paste button to the end of the chain.

A hand forged/hammered 16 gauge sterling silver clasp closes the piece.

Measures 8.75" open from the end of clasp to the end of button.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Des mains de Babes

Recently listed to Metal Corset is this tiny Art Nouveau rhinestone chain mail purse assemblage necklace.  It measures only 2" x 3", so I'm pretty confident it belonged to a child's doll long ago.

The chain to this necklace includes several items such as an antique gold gilt sterling silver filigree butterfly and a vintage hand carved Pikake pre-ban ivory lily bead.

Also, beads from a Deauville and Trifari necklace further embellishes it. I especially love the Deauville beads with the mottled gold effect. Lastly, antique gold tone pot metal and rhinestone rondelles from EmbellissezLaReine and a length of a vintage Monet gold tone chain finishes the piece.

It measures 17.5" unclasped.