Thursday, July 28, 2016

Georgian Etui Double Sided Wax Seal Intaglio Cast Yellow Bronze Reproductions

I've taken ten double sided wax seal intaglios from my Georgian etui set and cast them in yellow bronze.

The casts are as follows:

1. Snail with French motto toujours chez moi (always with me), flower and butterfly with the English motto the sweetness is my life.
2. Two roosters fighting with French motto à mort (to death), Italian motto il giusto il ver la libertà sospiro (the right to breathe free).
3. Sun burst with cherub head, “Nothing without thee.” Sun, flower and hillside with Latin motto (?), “privata di te moriro”
4. Snake cut in half with French motto, ‘se rejoindre ou mourir’ translated to ‘will join or die’. Tortoise and hare with French motto, “droit chemin,” right path.
5. Lion under net speaking to mouse with English motto Patience. Italian motto dopo come avanti (after as forward).
6. Man riding an elephant with French motto la raison fait ma force (the reason is my strength). Leaf with English motto ‘I change only in death.’
7. Ivy climbing tree stump, “je meurs ou je attaché”, I die or I tied. Bee hive, “Nul n'en penetre le secret” No one penetrates into the secret.
8. Skull with the French sentiment, "J'ai ete le suis, tu seras," translated to, "As you are, so once was I." Feather with French motto toujours sincère (always sincere).
9. Harp with French motto accord sans d'harmonie pas (agreement without harmony). Shepard and sheep with French motto la raison du plus fort (the reason for the stronger).
10. Fox chasing chicken up a tree with French motto fin contre fin (end against end). Sun rising over hills with French motto je reviendrai (I will return).

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